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Julia Menshova will lead a new live show on the first channel

00:24, 29.01.2019

The premiere of the transfer will take place on 4 February.

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49-year-old Julia Menshova has been running the Tonight program for the past year and a half with Maxim Galkin. But, as the press service of First Channel announced on Monday, the actress and TV broadcaster will soon have a new project – the talk show.Our people".

"At the heart of each edition of the program is a separate feature film or television series of the Soviet or modern era, and with its example we look at the life of the country and our compatriots in the year of the release of the film. Together with the audience and lead Julia Menshova, the program's characters through this or that film are sometimes restoring the tougher, sometimes rather harsh, atmosphere of our recent past, "said First Channel. It is already known that the guests of the studio will be actors, directors, producers, and people who have become popular this year in other activities. Fashion historians will also take part in the show – they will tell you where they were sewing clothes where they were buying fabrics and accessories.

"It seems to me that nostalgia today has become less mood than a separate and bright trend. People like to participate in flash social networks, happily subscribe to historical accounts, publish photos of their parents and grandparents. Today's time very often divides people. Suddenly, it turned out that in the past there is an incredible quality that unbelievably merges, and the memories of it are almost always glad, and today's viewer, in my opinion, is looking for these emotions, "said Julia Menshovova. The project will be presented on February 4, TASS reports.

Julia Menshova will lead a new live show on the first channel

Recall that Julia Menshova gave herself nostalgia a few months ago and published archival photos with her famous parents, Vera Alentova and Vladimir Menshov, on her blog at Instagram. And in mid-December she showed a rare photo of her eldest son, Andrew, who is 21 years old. Julia decided not to write long congratulations and limited himself to three hashings: "he was born very recently," "I love infinitely," and "only luck" and a heart-shaped sticker.

We add that Julia has more than 20 years of happiness marrying actor Igor Gordin. It is true that a few years ago the couple faced a crisis in the relationship: in 2005 they even decided to leave, but in 2009 they reunited. At this point both husband and wife had to show wisdom. Interestingly, ironically, in the privacy of the TV host, there was some sort of salty that was in the lives of her famous parents (Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova lived separately for a few years, and then they came back together). The son of the stellar couple, Andrew, followed the family steps: he studied at the HATH. But the daughter of Gorin and Menshova Taisiya he does not want to connect his life with the movie. The girl inherits from her mother the ability to formulate her thoughts and write so that the parents want to send the girl to journalism.

Julia Menshova with her husband and daughter

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