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Ksenia Sobchak teaches Todorenko pregnant women how to raise children

14:32, 11/16/2018

A public figure advises on how a young mother can handle children.

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Today on the YouTube channel "Friday with Regina" a new release has been released. At present, 37-year-old Ksenia Sobchak is the guest host of Regina Todorenko. Together with her husband, Maxim Vitorgan, she raised her son Platowho will be 2 years old on November 18. In an honest conversation with the pregnant Regina Todorenko Xenia, the waiting mother gives some tips for raising a child. So, Sobchak notes that it is very important to teach babies to swim from the first months. Son of Plato, according to Xenia, he and her husband took them to the pool a month after his birth.

"I highly recommend this because babies still have reflexes to hold their breath. And if you immediately start swimming, then he doesn't lose this reflex. He was born, a month has passed. We started carrying it right away, so he hadn't walked yet, but he had swam, jumped from the side. Now he has a schedule: swim three times a week, exercise twice a week, he also goes to English classes every week. He already speaks English with five to six words in large sentences. Other hIn a few years I wanted to take Mandarin", – said Xenia.

Ksenia Sobchak teaches Todorenko pregnant women how to raise children

Sobchak also noted that discipline and fashion are important in raising children, but we must not forget kindness. According to the Xenia, Plato had learned to sleep alone, he also ate per hour, and he told his parents when he needed to eat: that the habits of certain things must be formed early. In general, I devote a lot of time to studying children's psychology. Most importantly, I realized that it was necessary to combine discipline, a regime with this freedom. We hug all the time, that is, he does not have the feeling that there is not enough love. But at the same time, amazingly, he fell asleep alone in a room from hour to hour. At 8:30, his internal clock was triggered. He said it was time to go and sleep. "

According to Xenia, her favorite job – feed Plato. Sobchak noted that his son did not eat just like that, so he had to create various games or stories. "More than all I like to feed him. He just doesn't eat. Need to order, his teeth to talk. Hedgehog crawled, cat meowed. If nothing is done, he will not eat at all. He is a character for his mother, and he looks like Maxim in appearance, "Sobchak smiled.

In the conversation, Regina Todorenko touched on the topic of pregnancy. So, Ksenia admitted that she and Maxim were crying when they saw two strips on the test. He cried harder when he learned that he would have a son. "I experienced happiness and fear at the same time. And then I cried happily, but the more I cried when I learned that it was a boy. I really want a son. Maxim doesn't care: he just had a son and a daughter, "recalled the TV star.

Ksenia Sobchak teaches Todorenko pregnant women how to raise children

In addition, Ksenia gave Regina some tips on how to relieve her health during pregnancy. "The first thing is wrong, you don't have thermal golf. They saved me so that my legs didn't swell. Second, bandages. This is needed to smear the stomach with oil, so there is no stretch marks, even vitamin D. Someone needs to swim a lot, do yoga. " – said Ksenia.

Remember that Maxim Vitorgan, who last week became the hero of the "Talk?" Program, called his wife "mad mother." "Do you see what happened to him?" Do you see that he is a crazy mother? Do you think this is some kind of calculation? No I said to him: "End," but he could not stop. His emotions overflowed. This is a very absurd thing. He turned out to be a crazy mother and everything. But, to be honest, I always say that will be so, "said the actor.

Ksenia Sobchak teaches Todorenko pregnant women how to raise children

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