Friday , December 3 2021

Leading anthem producer Ben Irving resigns from BioWare – gambling


Leading manufacturer hymn Ben Irving announced for leaving BioWare after eight "wonderful" years at the company. The reason for the decision was a "great offer" from another gaming studio.

Nevertheless, working at BioWare was a true Irving dream. For the first time, he wanted to join a Canadian company at the end of last century, when he first met Baldur's Gate,

I will always be grateful to everyone who gave me the chance to work on amazing projects with such great people.

I believe that Anthem has a bright future: an excellent team is working on the development of the game and I will monitor its progress (and play!) From the side.

Ben Irving

In the end, Irving said he liked communicating with the community across platforms, from forums like Reddit broadcast the same live TwitchGiven the almost three-month silence of May, those words sound kind of hypocritical.

Many users were dissatisfied with the permutations because "since Irving does not believe in the anthem [покидая BioWare]then why should i do it? "

Anthem recently released the first major update in a few months with cataclysm, guilds, balance sheet revisions and other updates.

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