Friday , December 3 2021

Leave property and career or Bondarchuk will punish ex-wife for plan to break wedding


According to the information that appears, Svetlana is ready to prevent her ex-husband's marriage. But if her intentions turn out to be serious, then the director can tie up all her relationships to avenge the offender.

The network is actively discussing the news of the upcoming wedding of Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva, who, according to insiders, is in the beginning of the fall. Against this background, rumors spread that the director's ex-wife, Svetlana Bondarchuk, was preparing to break the party. After all, the hope of resuming relations with Fyodor can still sit in her.

If the information is accurate and Svetlana is ready to prevent an unwanted union, then Fedor himself can break her plans in the navel. After all, obviously, he's happy in a new relationship and doesn't plan on returning to the old family.

As punitive measures, Bondarchuk will leave his ex-husband without property and a career, people who are familiar with the situation are safe. After all, the director has serious relationships and it will not be difficult for him to show Svetlana that she should not interfere in his personal life.

The Bondarchuk couple's divorce proceedings are in the final stages. It was during this period that Svetlana and Fedor discussed the moments of the division of property. And this is the best time to show your strength and to punish your ex-wife for plans to interrupt the wedding.

In addition to the fact that Svetlana may be left without real estate, she risks losing her position as editor-in-chief of Hello! And lose his business.

What will be more expensive for Svetlana? Material wealth or family reunion at all costs?

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