Friday , December 3 2021

Litecoin Network Recorded "Dust Attack"


Bitcoin market analysts have recorded a large-scale "dust attack" on the Litecoin cryptocurrency network, which is most likely to compromise consumer privacy.

So the attackers sent small quantities of LTC to various portfolios to track the further movement of these funds and to identify the company / identity behind the addresses.

According to Binance in theory, this could allow hackers to carry out targeted phishing attacks or blackmail.

A similar attack on Bitcoin users was registered in October 2018 by the developers of the privacy-oriented portfolio of Samourai Wallet.

The wallet almost immediately introduced the Don't Spend feature, which allowed users not to mix the transaction's inputs with dust with their other transfers, which reduced attack efficiency to zero.

Recall, a day earlier Coinbase revealed the details of a "sophisticated, focused, well-thought-out attack" that could allow hackers to gain access to its billion-dollar systems and assets.

Recently, employees of the Kuna Bitcoin Exchange were also subject to a phishing attack.

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