Thursday , July 29 2021

Malkin's criticism compared to sanctions against Russia: Hockey: Sports:

Gennady Velichkin, Metallurg's Vice President Magnitogorsk, commented on media demands in the United States to disqualify the Pittsburgh Penguins National Club of Hockey (NHL) forward Evgeni Malkin for playing with Jay Oshi T. His words lead Russia-Hockey.

"I can say that Zhenya had no intention in action, she, as usual, rushed to the attack with pieces, and the opponent did not succeed in being overthrown. And what happens here, if Malkin is one of the smartest, most constructive and purest players in the world of hockey ?! ", Said Velichkin.

The club's vice president criticized Americans who spoke out against hockey players. "The United States is a big country, where there are many people who are adequate, but at the same time there are strange personalities, this is a fact. We believe that only such people demand to disqualify Malkin. "This is the same crap as, say, sanctions against Russia or impeachment to Trump," he said.

On November 8, Pittsburgh met with the Washington Capitals in the NHL regular season (1: 2). In the 43rd minute, Malkin was removed before the end of the match due to a rough blow to Oshi's head.

After that, a number of American media demanded punishment for the Russian striker. In particular, journalist Chuck Gormley countedthat an athlete deserves disqualification with ten matches.

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