Monday , May 16 2022

Megan Markle gets involved in a dirty scandal :: showbiz ::


The wife of the Duke of Sussex, Prince Charlie, Megan Markle is often swirling with scandalous events. Usually it makes a noise around, but this time it's a job for scammers.

On the eve of the network there was an advertisement for diet pills for a miracle. It says the tool will help you lose weight easily: no diets and exhausting fitness workouts.

The electronic resource First Level Fitness has published on its page two pictures of the Duchess of Sasses: before and after pregnancy. Below the photos, the authors made a statement on Markle's behalf.

"After I gave birth, I lost shape. But with the help of Keto pills, I'm back the same as before," the publication said.

Another portal decided not to limit itself to staff. They posted a fake interview with Megan.

He tells us that Prince Harry's wife is tired of finding ways to get back to her previous state. She can no longer suffer from exhausting fitness workouts. Therefore, she allegedly launched her own line of weight loss medicines. It is also said that this has become a matter of her life.

Representatives of Megan Markle and Buckingham Palace immediately responded to this scam. They wanted to stop slandering the Duchess of Sasesca's reputation by using her name in advertising.

"This is illegal and we will take appropriate measures," assured Prince Harry's wife's lawyer.

Note that a careful investigation was conducted by Mirror on this matter. Representatives of the Royal Family of Great Britain expressed their gratitude for such diligent work.

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