Wednesday , September 22 2021

Musk drove through the first high-speed tunnel near Los Angeles

Ilon Musk published a video of the campaign in the first tunnel, which was built by his company, Boring Company.

He also said that the work there would be completed on time and a high-speed tunnel would be officially opened on December 10.

Musk says the road is 3.2 km long "very long."

Remember the first time Musk talked about tunnels at the end of 2016. This 4km tunnel began under SpaceX's headquarters in the California city of Hawthorne and ended in the suburbs of Los Angeles. As previously reported, it is expected that the opening will hold a festive event, after that Those who want to be able to take capsules for free..

Mask, The Boring Company, was chosen as a contractor for tunnel construction in Chicago and Washington. In the case of a successful implementation, the company plans to build a tunnel network in Los Angeles and other major cities to dismantle the transportation system.

It is assumed that the electric capsule will rise in the tunnel on autopilot, which can carry 8-16 passengers at a speed of 200-250 km / hr. As conceived by engineers Masks, special capsules with passengers will be lowered into the tunnel on the platform directly from the road.

Remember beforehand Hyperloop introduces the first passenger capsule

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