Tuesday , July 27 2021

Nearly 80% of cases of SARS Annunciation are children / IA "Amur.info"

During the past week – from 12 to 18 November – there has not been a single case of influenza in the Amur region. The incidence of acute respiratory viral infections below the weekly epidemic threshold is 21.2%.

Non-influenza etiological viruses circulate among populations (adeno -, PC-virus, parainfluenza). In Blagoveshchensk, the incidence of ARVI does not exceed the epidemic threshold. Of ARVI cases, 77.7% were children up to 17 years: preschool children – 59.6%, school children – 22.4%.

Seasonal registration of community-acquired pneumonia cases, including among children attending children's education groups, continues, which requires close attention to compliance with basic preventive measures.

In the context of seasonal increases in the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections, the Department of Trusteeship and Health Protection calls for participation in the #STASTUDASPOP campaign, which includes the implementation of various measures to prevent this non-specific infectious disease.

The incidence of acute intestinal infections does not exceed the average long-term rate, however, during the winter, intestinal infections of the viral etiology (noro-rotaviruses) have traditionally been intensified, and therefore the main steps for prevention of acute intestinal infections must be observed, reports city ​​government press service.

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