Monday , November 29 2021

New iPhone with Triple Camera


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Apple smartphones are considered the most popular in the world, so the anticipation of the next new product is always accompanied by a real boost. The day before the release of the new iPhone with a triple main camera module was announced.

It is reported that before the release of the alleged iPhone 11 Apple fans should wait a little more than a month. Ken Miyauchi, head of Japanese telecommunications operator SoftBank, accidentally revealed the launch date, which during the event suggested to the investor on the expected day of the presentation of the much-anticipated device by Cupertino engineers and designers.

During a meeting with investors, SoftBank's top manager was reminded that a new law will come into force in Japan on October 1, 2019, requiring local operators to separate the price of a smartphone from the price of mobile services. In this regard, Ken Miyauchi was asked to tell how the company would respond to the changes after the new iPhone release.

In response, the head of the company noted that he still does not know how the operator will be able to prepare for changes in just 10 days. Realizing that he had made an important reservation, he immediately said, "No, I wouldn't say that, I don't know when the new iPhone will appear." Careful reporters for the phrase immediately determined that the release of the Apple smartphone is scheduled for October 20-21.

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