Monday , November 29 2021

Now everyone can work with Android on Nintendo Switch – Gambling


On a console Nintendo Switch already running Linux, Windows 10 and Android. But now you can fully install and use the latest operating system. Well, with a few exceptions. Switchgeot LineageOS 15.1, actually, turns Switch into an Android 8.1 tablet, allowing you to browse web pages, videos, games, and so on.

Best of all, the software works with a microSD memory card from 16 to 128 GB. It is enough to retrieve it and again it will be Nintendo Switch, which can still play games developed for this platform.

Although there are several "but". In particular, Switchroot LineageOS will only work with older Nintendo Switch models because the software uses exploit. And in the middle of 2018 this gap was removed. Appropriate models purchased before July last year.

But the newer versions of Switch and future Switch Light will most likely not work. Also keep in mind that the system does not support hibernation, the screen does not rotate automatically, and the sensor may freeze. Wi-Fi sometimes stops running (only reloads are saved) and some apps may not support Joy-con.

Download images, find instructions and answers to the forum. XDA-Developers,
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