Wednesday , August 17 2022

Olga Buzova was swimming in the arms of fans :: Showbiz ::


Television presenter and singer Olga Buzova has a multi-million-strong army of fans around the world. But as it turned out, she is adored not only on the web but also in real life.

The star posted a new video on her Instagram page. It was printed on her in a hug with a company of men.

"Anapa, this is a trick! Anyone who wants to see me and surprise me will definitely do it! Guys, thank you! Your Olga!", A discouraged pop singer signed a post.

It became known that after a concert in the Krasnodar region, Olga moved by car from Gelendzhik to Anapa. Suddenly she turned her attention to a huge banner that read, "Liker Buzova, stop, love." The host of House-2 was unable to get past that impressive appeal.

It turned out that she was set up by fans of Olga's work. They had been waiting for her on the side of the road since early morning.

When the artist got out of the car, a crowd of men rushed toward her, mad with happiness. They took a step toward open arms, but then stopped indecisive. Buzova was not embarrassed, and she began to choke with each of them.

Subscribers appreciated the simple and awkward behavior of the contractor. "Bravo, Olga!", "Whatever Olga was, but she's her! I went, met, took a picture!", "I didn't see an artist just talking to fans! adorable.

"The only star that's not stellar," the fan said.

The fans were also pleasantly surprised by the performance of the strong half. "The most sincere emotions, like children! And Ola is nice!", "These are men! Bravo!", "So cool, fun and most importantly soul-met!" – admitted network users.

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