Tuesday , October 26 2021

Ovechkin responded to Panarin's criticism of Putin


Washington Capitals striker Alexander Ovechkin comments on the words of another Russian hockey player, New York Rangers player Artemi Panarin, who criticizes the activities of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The athlete said earlier that the current head of state "stayed in power late" and he "is no longer psychologically easy to soberly assess the situation."

"Do I agree with Panarin? I do not know. Obviously where he lives, nothing has changed since the 1990s. My life has changed, many things have changed in sports! ", Said Ovechkin at a press conference at TASS.

Last year, Alexander Ovechkin supported Vladimir Putin in the 2018 presidential election, joining Putin's team with other Russian cultural and sports figures.

Ovechkin also answered journalists' questions about whether he envied the Panarin contract, which the young athlete recently signed with the New York Rangers, becoming the most expensive Russian hockey player in NHL history. "There is no anger that Panarin is around my salary. I'm just glad why anger right away? Well done, I signed a good contract, we secured the future, "Ovechkin said.

Recall, a hockey graduate of Chelyabinsk, a native of Corkino, Artemi Panarin, signed a contract with the New York Rangers in early July. His average salary will be $ 11.642 million a year.

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