Wednesday , August 17 2022

PE at the concert of Vera Brezhnev


At that moment, when Vera Brezhnev was on stage during the Baku Music Festival, the pyrotechnic system failed

Vera Brezhnev seriously made her fans worried. During her performance at the Baku Music Festival in Baku, a state of emergency happened on stage – a thick column of smoke rose that no one could stop. As it turned out, the fault was the malfunction of the pyrotechnic system.

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"During that performance, the pyrotechnic system failed. I didn't know about it, I just paid attention to a strange column of cold smoke, but I decided it was such an idea, "said the artist on the official Instagram page.

The technical staff had to "sweat" a lot while Vera Brezhnev continued to sing. "Behind the scenes at the moment it was 'fun' because no one could stop the smoke. But they decided not to interrupt the numbers … As you can see, it was hot even with cold smoke, "the contractor explained.

Note that this is not the first incident this year at the Baku heat festival. If the former soloist of "VIAGRA" did not suffer in any way, then Anita Tsoi was much worse. The singer enjoyed the performance of Gregory Leps when she was suddenly taken out of the lounge room. It turned out that Anita was stumbling and injuring her big toe. A few days later, she appeared on the red carpet in a wheelchair. Tsoi continued with joy, thanking her fans for their support and asking them not to lose heart.

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