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Pension Fund Explains Impact of Retirement Surveys :: Society :: RBC


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The Pension Fund explains the impact of retirement studies

The Pension Fund of Russia explained that periods of study during which no insurance premiums are paid are not counted in the length of service and, therefore, in the calculation of the pension. This was reported by the organization by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

In particular, time spent at school, colleges and technical colleges, universities, including postgraduate and doctoral degrees, and a clinical residency shall not be taken into account. Periods of training and retraining / retraining courses are also not taken into account when granting a pension.

The pension fund specified that if training is combined with work then such a period can be included in the length of service. Confirm that the combination of on-the-job training may be recorded in the workbook or certificate of the organization for admission to work during the internship or registration for work during training added to the FIU. It is also necessary to confirm receipt of salaries at the indicated hour, from which the social security contributions were accrued until 1 January 1991, by providing the necessary documents.

The pension fund will increase the pensions of about 14 million Russians after the conversion

The employer may conclude a student agreement with the applicant for vocational training, with the employee – for vocational training or retraining with or without work, in accordance with Art. 198 of the Labor Code of Russia. During the apprenticeship, a stipend stipulated by the agreement (Article 204 of the Labor Code of Russia) is determined. However, it is not subject to insurance premiums, so the apprenticeship period will not be taken into account in the insurance period when calculating the pension.

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