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Porto – Krasnodar – 2: 3 and 5 more nice matches of the Russian clubs in the Champions League


On Tuesday, Krasnodar showed its character by beating Porto in a difficult match. Now the team Murad Musayev will be shortened with Olympiakos for the right to play in the Champions League group. Expecting for sure some cool Bulls matches, we recall the best matches of Russian clubs in the Champions League qualification.

1992/93. Barcelona – CSKA Moscow – 2: 3 (first leg – 1: 1)

CSKA fans still remember that incredible victory of the "armies" over "Barcelona". Almost 27 years ago, the Moscow club performed a Camp Nou miracle by knocking out the Champions League Catalans.

In Moscow, the teams once bumped into each other's gates, but few believed in crossing the "army." Before this season CSKA split with a whole group of leaders – Korneyev, Tatarchuk, Blacksmiths, Broshin and Masalitin, Their seats were occupied by young boys and they led the team Gennady Kostilev, Then Barcelona coach Johan Cruyffand under his leadership, stars played – Guardiola, Kuman, Laudrup, Stoichkov,

Even more surprising is that CSKA with such a list managed to advance from 0: 2. Thanks to the exact hit Bushman CSKA below the crossbar reduced the gap and caught the guts. As a result, two more unanswered goals flew into the Spanish door.

"You can give heroes to these guys." Camp Nou's 25th CSKA victory

The young boys made history by knocking out Barcelona in the Champions League.

Passing the Catalans, the Muscovites were among the top eight teams in Europe. However, a further tournament path for CSKA did not succeed. In the group with Bruges, Marseille and Rangers, they took fourth place and dropped out of the draw.

CSKA Moscow before the match of

CSKA before the Camp Nou match

2003/04. Shakhtar 3-1 (Shakhtar 1-1)

In the second leg of the Champions League qualifying round with Shakhtar Yuriy Semin came out with an unsuccessful result in the first meeting – 0: 1 away and without a qualified defender Oleg Pashinin, A prominent team led by Ovchinnikov, Ignashevich, Евсеев, Izmailov and Loskova it was necessary to carefully monitor the integrity of their own goal while actively attacking the enemy's goal.

The main task for the match, however, began to be completed in the 21st minute. Maxim Buznikintrying to break the rally did an excellent job Michael Ashvetiywho closed the transmission head. Towards the end of the second half, the Georgian striker again missed the game on the second floor, scoring after a corner kick.

Despite the successful start of the hosts, dreams of entering the next stage of the tournament may remain unfulfilled. In the 70th minute, Shakhtar returned one goal, scoring a goal that satisfied the team. At the end of the match, however, Lokomotiv managed to score again. Dmitry Khokhlov fired into the penalty area, and the referee called a penalty. From the point of view it was accurate Ignashevich,

Incidentally, in this draw the "railroad" managed to reach the 1/8 finals of the Champions League, where they lost in the sum of two meetings of "Monaco".

2004/05. Rangers – CSKA Moscow – 1-1 (first leg – 2-1)

The Army started their famous UEFA Cup campaign, oddly enough, with Champions League qualifications. In the third round of the qualifying tournament, rival CSKA proved to be a strong Rangers.

In the first game in Moscow the team Valeria Gazayev not without problems beat the Scots with a score of 2: 1. Different then brilliant Brazilian Wagner Love and Czechs Jiri Jarosik,

The return match was nervous for the "Army team" – a missed ball could turn everything upside down and take opponents to the next stage of the tournament. Fortunately, in the 60th minute CSKA slightly reduced the level of tension, scoring. Berezutsky associated with the attack and gave an accurate pass to Wagnerwho scored the ball into the net.

The rest of the match CSKA controls the course of the match, even if it misses a curious goal. After 86 minutes, the attacker leveled the score Stephen ThompsonHowever, it was not enough for more hosts. CSKA knocked out the Rangers, landed in the Champions League group for Chelsea, Porto and PSG, finished third in it and found themselves in the playoffs for the UEFA Cup. What happened next, you already know.

Wagner Love

Wagner Love

Photo: RIA Novosti

2015/2016. CSKA Sofia – Sporting – 3-1 (first leg – 1-2)

After losing the away game to Sporting in the Champions League playoff round with a score of 1: 2, the Muscovites have seriously complicated their task to enter the group phase. In addition, after the first half, it looked like the Portuguese would be even harder to pass. Leaving to rest, they led 1-0.

however Leonid Slutsky managed to tune his players. During the second half of the meeting, they delivered a big surprise to the guests and spectators who gathered at Khimki Arena. first Dumbia after lumbago Dzagoev of the standard takes advantage of the chaos in the penalty area of ​​someone else and runs the ball into the net, then lead the hosts forward, scoring an empty net from the pass Musa, "The Armies" don't stop there. Gathering courage, they organized a third goal against the guests. After receiving the ball in the box, Musa shot the near corner of the target. CSKA's bilateral opposition turned its head down in just 45 minutes.

The feat of the "army". CSKA break into the Champions League group with a fight!

After losing the first half and accomplishing a sporting feat in the second, CSKA won a victory from Sporting, and with it a pass to the Champions League!

Unfortunately, in the group phase, the soldiers did not perform such feats. In the Quartet with Wolfsburg, PSV and Manchester United, they finished fourth.

Ahmed Musa and Seydou Dumbia

Ahmed Musa and Seydou Dumbia

Photo: Alexander Misyakin, Championship

2016/17. Rostov – Ajax – 4: 1 (1st leg 1: 1)

It was after this victory that Rostov made a strong showing in Europe. It is unlikely that anyone expected the team Berdyev The Dutch Ajax will be so simple.

After a draw in Amsterdam (1: 1) the Rostov team sent a violent attack against the visitors from the first minutes of the home game. As a result, in the 34th minute, they led after a precise header Serdara Azmun,

Who would have thought that at the beginning of the next half Don would send three more goals to Ajax. Then excellent Erokhin, Noboa and runner, Rostov Dmitrin's last goal rolled into the empty net. At this point the team Peter Bosch she looked particularly pitiful. Overall impressions of the ward game Kurban Berdiev did not even affect the ball at the end of the match.

Our favorite miracle. Rostov in the Champions League!

Rostov – in the Champions League. In the group! The tale came true and it is truly amazing.

Once in the Champions League group stage, Rostov made a very decent performance in the PSV, Bayern and Atletico quartets. After beating the Germans and bonding twice with the Dutch, the team Berdyev made it to the Europa League playoffs, where she lost to Manchester United in the 1/8 finals of two games Mourinho,

Photo: Artyom Gusev, Championship

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