Monday , July 26 2021

Pregnant wife Novoseltseva talked about a sneaky betrayal

MOSCOW, Feb. 26 – RIA NewsBasketball player Katerina Kiru, who is married to football player Ivan Novoseltsev and is currently expecting a child, has posted on her Instagram page an obscure post about betrayal.

"I could never imagine that such a thing could happen in my life Unlimited happiness inside and pain in my heart and soul from the middle betrayal of a loved one.

Novoseltsev and Kiru met at the University of China in 2011, but they only met after three years. In 2015 Novoseltsev, who then talks about Rostov, made his favorite at the stadium immediately after the end of the match against "Torpedo" to the applause of the audience. The wedding took place in October 2015.

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