Monday , November 29 2021

Quantic Dream pleased with PC sales of Heavy Rain – Habling


The portal DualShockers was able to interview the creative director Quantitative sleep David Cage asks him about the split with PlayStation and the future of the French studio.

As it turned out, the first talks to stop the development of exclusives for Sony started about two years before its release Detroit: Become a man, i.e. approximately in the spring of 2016.

Developers wanted to reach more players around the world and not limit themselves to an ecosystem, though very popular. In addition, gaming as a media will become even more accessible thanks to cloud games and the proliferation of 5G mobile networks.

Nevertheless with Sony the French maintained a warm relationship. Moreover, since the rights to Beyond: two people and Detroit: Become Human owns PlayStation, the release of these PC projects directly depends on the Japanese corporation.

We've always had a great relationship with PlayStation. They have always zealously supported my work, and we have always been dedicated to them. We had an open discussion about the future and they allowed us to run our games on the computer.

David cell

Remember, now Quantic Dream has become a publisher. Now, however, it is only known for the RS ports of its last three projects, but in the future the company will have partners promising an "ethical approach".

It is about fair and honest transactions, including the retention of all intellectual property rights.

By the way, it took more than a year at the French studio to transfer three games to computers, as they were all tuned to PlayStation's hardware, controls and other features, and developers did not want to release direct ports. According to Cage, sales of Heavy Rain on a computer are in line with the company's expectations, which makes it very pleased.

In the end, the developer denied the possibility of Quantic Dream permanently re-launching exclusives for each platform, but there may still be some exceptions.

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