Saturday , June 19 2021

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Hip-Hop singer Vyacheslav Mashnov, acting under the pseudonyms of Prank and Glory of the CPSU, published the video "Give Baba Anti-Hip" in which he asked the viewers to be timurovtsami and help retirees. Video posted on YouTube channel "Glory to the CPSU".

In the video, the rapper comes to the supermarket, pays for the purchases of elderly people and asks them not to be ashamed and to buy more food. Then the musician gathers a whole bunch of cabbage, milk, carrots, cheese and other goods, while inventing rhymes like "a white head – even a boy" and "selling a front – bought a macaroni." Then Mashnov takes food in the church.

Then he comes to the pharmacy, goes to the cashier and offers grandparents to pay for their medication. He remembers that "doing a good deed is literally useless."

In the video, Purulente invites the audience to tell what good deeds they have done, and calls them to overcome the awkwardness and help the elderly. He remembers that the smile "of the old face" costs much more than "dirty newspapers". "Let's make this little world better, anti-hype, my friend!" "says the rapper at the end of the video.

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