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Russia's national hockey team defeated Finland in the first game of the Karjala – Sport Cup

HELSINKI, November 9. / Tass /. Russian hockey players began their victory in the first stage of the Euro Tour with the Karjala Cup, beating the hosts of the tournament. Three unanswered goals and a great match by goalkeeper Ilya Sorokin helped win the Finnish national team.

This season is specifically for Finnish hockey, in January 2019 there will be a 90th anniversary celebration of the formation of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association. In the sub-district "Hartvoll Arena" sells easy-to-remember washing machines, as well as copies of books, which describe the birth and formation of hockey in the country.

Regarding the fact that next year is easy to remember, the pre-match video, displayed on the palace video cube screen, was also reminded. Finland won the World Championship only twice in history (1995, 2011), they did not win the Olympics often, and viewers can see footage of all happy moments for the country.

One of the heroes of that period will be honored next Saturday. A symbolic sweater with number 44, in which defender Kimmo Timonen plays in the Finnish national team, will be picked up before the Finland – Czech Republic match. The number of four times Olympic medalists, three times the World Championship silver medalist will be enshrined, as previously the number of Jari Kurri, Raimo Helminen, Saku Koivu, Jere Lehtinen, Ville Peltonen and Teemu Seljanne. Banners with their rooms were under the arch of the palace.

In December, in the same way in Tampere, the benefits of the 1994 Olympic bronze medalist, world champion – 1995, twice the finalists of the Timo Utila tournament before the match against the Czechs during the First Channel Cup will be honored.

Grigorenko remembers last year's Karjal Cup

The Russian national team brought seven newcomers to the Karjal Cup, the same number turned out to be the head coach of Jukka Jalonen Finns. The Finns draw attention to the appearance of Mikael Ruohoma and Jonas Nyattinen as part of the Neftekhimik forward, both separated in units. The Russians were forced to reshape the relationship, where Ilya Mikheev, Denis Zernov and Anatoly Golyshev were carried out, due to Mikheev's health problems. Maxim Shalunov was placed in the top three, as a result of which Zernov moved to the edge.

The Troika also took the lead in the attack, where Moscow team players Kirill Kaprizov and Mikhail Grigorenko, and Andrei Loktionov from Lokomotiv, played. He created the opportunity to score the most goals during the match, and Grigorenko was the author of the first goal in Helsinki in the opening 20 minutes. "With Kaprizov we played together at the club, and there was good interaction. It was very nice playing with Loktionov – he immediately began to understand us, so it was good for us to play together," Grigorenko noted.

For CSKA forward, the Karjala Cup seems to be one of the favorite tournaments. A year ago, here he was recognized as the best striker on the stage, making a hat-trick at one of the meetings. Grigorenko himself noted that for him all matches in the national team uniform were favorites.

Manly Sword Game

Finally, defender Nikita Nesterov, whose goal after a throw from the blue line, helped the ward of Ilya Vorobyov to realize the first goal, making the bleak stands in the first period. Finland were active in the second period and, with active support from the stands, we almost scored – striker Ivan Telegin was able to block the throw into an empty corner. We must not forget about goalkeeper Ilya Sorokin, who acted without hesitation, and Yalonen then said that the game of the army goalkeeper was the main reason for defeat.

After being beaten back, Russia scored the third chip – Andrey Pedan distinguished himself with a long throw. And the goal was the prize for dedication – in the first period of one episode, the defender "Ak Barsa" took the piece, played the shift to the end and only had difficulty reaching the bench. In the third period, the Finns surrounded the gate of Sorokin, but the Russian defense did not allow opponents to do anything, even playing in the minority. After the match, Pedan told of a separate meeting before the match with hockey players acting in a minority, who, according to him, helped a lot in this meeting.

Concluding the match, Vorobiev noted that all his players completed training arrangements. He was not ashamed that the main role in the attack played the Loktionova link. "Every player has his own role, people overcome their task at their link," he concluded.

His Finnish colleague said he would rotate the line-up before Saturday's match with the Czechs, to check-in with other hockey players. Goalkeeper "Salavat Yulaev" Juha Metsola will also take a break.

Russia will hold their next match on Saturday against Sweden, early – at 14:00 Moscow time.

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