Tuesday , September 21 2021

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Theater and film actor, Honorable Artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Efremov will celebrate his 55th birthday on Saturday. He will celebrate his wedding anniversary at the drama drama "Dumas", which was staged at the Sovremennik Theater in Moscow, telling TASS the head of the Sovremennik literary section Evgenia Kuznetsova.

"The performance of" Dumas "is very important to us, – said Kuznetsova. – The premiere is scheduled for January 2019. And this will be the first premiere at our historic building in Chistye Prudy, which must be opened after renovation."

Meanwhile, according to him, the training was held at the Palace in Yauza, where Sovremennik worked temporarily. The director of the drama is Mikhail Efremov, the playwright is Ivan Okhlobystin, the design and costume set is Yevgeny Mitta, the lighting designer is Vladislav Opelyants, the interlocutor of the registered agency, noting that the game features a large group of Contemporary actors.

He said that the action drama "Dumas" took place in the theater, the main character was a player from the role in the drama about three shooters from Alexander Dumas. The subtitles of this drama are: "Dedicated to all artists who haven't read their main monologue."

Kuznetsova recalls that Mikhail Yefremov and Ivan Okhlobystin did not work together for the first time. At Moscow Art Theater Chekhov had two dramas by Okhlobystin performed by Efremov – "The Villain, or the Dolphin" (with Garik Sukachev, 1996) and "Maximilian the Stylite" (1998).

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