Monday , November 29 2021

scientists said you should drink to lose weight


American scientists have identified a drink that helps you lose weight twice as fast. This was determined in an experiment by comparing the weight loss results of women on the same diet. Some just drank this drink and others did not.

Scientists have discovered a drink that doubles weight loss. This is skimmed milk which, thanks to its composition, contributes to weight loss. As the initiators of the milk study and its effect on the body specify, Vitamin D, the main fat burner, imparts such properties to milk.

According to statistics, half of all overweight people are deficient in Vitamin D. Professor Stu Phillips, who has proven that milk helps you lose weight faster, talks about it in more detail. He said that women who eat and exercise the same method with only a difference in "pint milk" show the best results in fat loss and muscle building.

The effect of milk on the processes of weight loss is simply explained – these are calcium and vitamin D, which have long been considered trace elements for weight loss, plus protein.

It is true that milk is thought to have the opposite effect due to the action of growth hormones in it. As Mr. Phillips explained, this can happen if you in no way consume calories. For the rest, weight loss is achieved with a glass of milk a day and sports – it is better to exercise.


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