Monday , November 29 2021

Serov's lawyer announced details of the case against the artist against Channel One | Show business culture


Moscow, 13 August – AiF-Moscow.

The lawyer of the Russian singer Alexander Serov Alexei Stepanov has revealed the details of the case of the singer against Channel 1, according to the 360th channel.

According to Stepanov, an agreement was reached between OOO Direct and IP Serov, according to which the artist had to participate in the photos of the show Let them talk and receive a fee for it. He explained that the company had failed to fulfill its obligations.

The lawyer also said that Channel 1, in turn, illegally used Serov's name and image, as well as details of his personal life.

"The first channel is a different moment. Another broadcast was withdrawn and Serov did, but the contract was never signed. As a result, a ban was sent to Channel 1 to use Alexander Nikolaevich's performance. I ignored the first channel, ”he said.

Stepanov noted that the total amount of claims is more than 7 million rubles, but at present they are only partially claimed. He stressed that he hoped to "reconcile with the world".

Earlier it was reported that Alexander Serov has filed a case against Channel One and the company Direct, which is engaged in producing the talk show Let. The singer requires the defendants to pay him a fee of 800 thousand rubles, as well as losses of 200 thousand rubles. The hearings are scheduled for October 17.

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