Friday , December 3 2021

The blogger explains why it is not worth taking LADA XRay on the Variator: AvtoMedia: VladTime


In addition to "Xrei" was updated and updated LADA Largus.

The reviewer Alexei Brailyaev decided to share his thoughts with the latest innovations of AviaVAZ. If we are talking about LADA Largus, then it gets a new long lettering between the letters, as in Vesta, and a somewhat modified grid – two thin blunt lines instead of one chrome.

Due to the fact that chromium is no longer observed, the cost of the parts in theory should be reduced. In addition, Largus received a new upholstery on all levels of the upholstery and headlights off function when the ignition is switched off. – Did this mini-retirement make major changes to the user? Of course not, "says the blogger, moving away from LADA Largus to the revamped LADA XRay of the Variable.

According to the driver, such innovations, such as the "fresh" gearbox for LADA XRay or the minor revitalization of "Largus" show only one – how the Russian car industry is degrading and stagnant. The reasons for such conclusions by the author of the video are not too much, but they are all pretty heavy. He is convinced that now AvvaVAZ does not even try to make better models, just take care of high sales.

"Autowaz successfully sells old products for years and will do it for a very long time. But such solutions as the new gearbox or the updated plates only hint that there can be no further improvements, "the driver explained, what is wrong with the LADA XRay 2019.

He is convinced that the "Hrdunikka" that the same LADA XRay on the Variable is definitely not worth it, because the more this model will get, the stronger the manufacturer will be convinced that everything is doing right: "In fact everything is production. kills the user himself. Although there is such demand for the cheapest cars, it can not be said about comfort or real new technologies. "

Alexei Lopatin


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