Friday , July 30 2021

The car named, popular with middle-aged drivers in Russia: AvtoMedia: VladTime

A large-scale survey in Russia shows that motorists in countries aged 36 to 55 do not tend to buy expensive and luxury transportation.

In Russia, a study was conducted that affected 60,000 middle-aged drivers. According to the survey results, it was found that 14.3% of respondents preferred Toyota cars. That is, every seventh Russian driver aged 36 to 55 has a Japanese brand car.

The second place is occupied by domestic LADA with a result of 11.4%. In third place is the Japanese Nissan brand. Among the models, the most common vehicle in the ranking discussed was the Samara LADA with a 2.4% share. Ford Focus ranks second (2.3%). The third place goes to the Toyota Corolla (2.2%), and in the fourth row the LADA Kalina list is strengthened by 2.1%.

Ivan Golovin


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