Thursday , October 28 2021

The car's owner revealed the pros and cons of Hyundai Solaris for 2018


The Korean sedan can deliver both positive emotions and disappointment.

One of the car forums featured a review of the 2018 Hyundai Solaris. The owner of the car revealed the pros and cons of the second-generation Korean sedan.

Under the hood of the Solaris is a 1.6-liter gas engine with 123 horsepower, dual automatic transmission and a front-wheel drive system. The car was purchased in 2018 and since its acquisition has reached 3,000 km.

Interestingly, at work, the owner was able to thoroughly explore the Hyundai Solaris and highlight its pros and cons. In the first place, the owner praised the appearance, which became more modern and sophisticated technological equipment – the car was equipped with a navigation system, a touch screen, climate control and static side lights. The on-board computer was also praised by the motorist – he was giving away a lot of information.

The biggest drawback of Solaris is the soundproofing of the wheel arches – when driving, you can feel the outside sounds that the motorist really likes. Another drawback of the Korean sedan is the lack of a smartphone or tablet charging connector, which causes some passenger discomfort. The third drawback is the motor, in which the motorist doubts the power of – apparently, the engine produces 110 "horses" instead of the announced 123. The owner also does not like the sound of the audio system.

In conclusion, the car owner noted that Hyundai Solaris is a decent car that has everything you need. "Perfect and without surpluses," said the rider.

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