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The fastest (and handsome) Zaporozhe sells for 3,200,000 rubles.

In the description, the car is called a "street car for every day": a spectacular duplicate created by the Porsche 986 S but a stylized Soviet ZAZ-968A. The project of the Belarusian masters is called "The Waiter" on the net. Now the car is looking for a new owner who would like to pay 3,200,000 rubles for him.

Keep in mind that for today's money you can buy a 5-year Porsche Boxter, but Porscherozh creators rely on the uniqueness of their creation.

From the Soviet predecessor, the remake got optics and some exterior details (such as ventilation grilles), but the power structure and technical stuff remained original, from Porsche. This means that the "stryrod", which has the opposite of 3.2 hp 260 hp, is set to accelerate to 100 km / h in 6 seconds.

This is really Porsche Boxter S, and we tried not to spoil it. The platform is kept entirely. We just finished a small body re-fitting.

Yuri Shif


Interestingly, Ferrari could serve as the basis for custom, but the workshop did not have time to buy the Italian supercar that was sold after the incident. Then they took the appropriate Porsche: "Dressed Porsche in Zaporozhetsz". Accidentally, body indexes vary by one figure: Boxster – 986, and ZAZ – 968, "said Yuri Schiff of the Onliner portal.

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