Friday , July 30 2021

The market for computer technology is out of crisis

The retail market volume for computer equipment increased in monetary terms in the nine months of 2018 to 102 billion rubles, thus reaching the level of 2014.

This is reported in the M.Video-Eldorado Group, which is included in SAFMAR Mikhail Mikhail Gutseriev PFG.


According to M.Video and Eldorado, the computer equipment market showed a positive trend in January-September 2018 and numbered around 102 billion rubles and around 4.6 million units, up 20% and 13% from the previous year. . In monetary terms, the sales volume of the category reached figures for 2014, however, in units, the demand level lagged behind the pre-crisis level of around 1.5 times. Positive dynamics are related to the effects of pent-up demand. At the same time, the structure has changed – outdated equipment is changed to be more productive, functional and, as a result, expensive. Other drivers in the category are the intensive growth of computer game equipment and credit offers.

"After 5-6 years, after the peak sale of computer equipment, Russian consumers began to replace equipment actively. Despite the weakening of the ruble, we see an increase in purchasing power. The average cost of the device increases because demand is shifting to products that are more powerful and functional. Buyers in many cases do not save on purchases, knowing that they are investing long-term The game segment is actively developing, both on cellular computers and in accessories. "Installment payments as one of the payment formats, including when ordering online, make every new item available," noted Head of "Home Office" direction M.Video-Eldorado Group Alexey Pomozov.


In the computer market segment the largest in terms of sales of goods – laptops – continued growth due to the increase in sales of powerful machines from the price segment of 40 thousand rubles. with 15-inch diagonals and gaming laptops. From manufacturers, Lenovo notebooks turned out to be the most popular, while Apple took a record share for itself, sales almost doubled. The laptop market in January-September 2018 totaled 2 million units and 68 billion rubles, which were 14% and 25% higher than the same period last year. At M.Video-Eldorado, positive dynamics exceed market indicators, sales grew by 18% in units and 30% in cash. Online sales are driving the growth of the category: at least every fourth laptop is purchased online. In addition, laptops are the most widely purchased digital technology on the Internet.

PC desktop

Demand for desktop computers increased 16% in monetary terms and 11% in deductions to 470,000 devices and 14.5 billion rubles. Among the form factors, the most popular is monoblock, sales that grew faster than the average for the category: + 35% in money and + 28% – in units. Their positive dynamics contribute to the demand for devices of 22 inches and models from the upper price segment worth more than 50 thousand rubles.


The monitor market continues to recover from recession and begins to grow actively. On the Russian market for the first nine months of this year, 880 thousand units worth more than 8.6 billion rubles were sold, which exceeded last year's figure of 13% and 22% respectively. Consumers change outdated devices according to the latest technological trends. At the same time, the demand for switching to models that are more expensive than 24 inches worth more than 15 thousand rubles. Year-on-year sales grow at a higher level than traditional: + 32% in money and + 26% in units.

Printers and Multifunction

The print segment continues to be stable, and in money demand for inkjet printers and multifunctional devices even exceeds the numbers for 2013-2014. Thus, the market for ink-jet multifunction devices grew 16% to 2.7 billion rubles, in physical terms, that amounted to 390 thousand, which is 11% more than in the first three quarters of 2017 Positive dynamics were achieved largely because of devices with supply systems Continuous ink with the possibility of color printing. Buyers increasingly choose models from the average price segment with prices ranging from 8,000 to 14,000 rubles, and the total cost of ownership is a key factor in choosing. Internet sales in this category rose to 90 thousand units and 600 million rubles, which were more than yearly at 26% in money and 21% in units.

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