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The modern Lada engine was worse than the Opel engine 20 years ago & nbsp

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How much is the sport in the "heated" but still civilian modification of the Lada Vesta Sport? The answer to this question was found and found by Autoreview's experts.
The observer of this edition, Vladimir Melnikov, held a series of comparative tests at Vesta Sport with a 20-year-old VAZ 21106 sedan, equipped with a 2-liter Opel petrol engine with 148 hp output. In the 1980s and 1990s, the German brand installed such an engine for the Astra family. The VAZ 21106 received such a device at the request of the VAZ team. On combat cars, the engine in the naturally aspirated version forced up to 300 hp. under pressure – up to 400 hp
Lada Granta Cross's sales started in Russia
However, in the comparative "reverse stroke" of the Dmitrov polygon, a civilian version of the Opelov engine, the ecological standard Euro2, with a 148 hp impact, took part in a full range of tests at the same central Dmitrov field. Engineers of Autowaz and Mega-Lada help create the exterior of 21106.
Among other things, like the Lada Vesta Sport, the top 10 received German ZF servo, sports suspension settings and elongated plastic wings. The box is delivered by the sports division of General Motors – Vauxhall.
However, let's go back to the real competition of the modern Lada, equipped with an ordinary 1.8-liter 145 hp engine. an eco-standard of Euro5 and an ostentatious "dozens" twenty years ago. Alas, the latter did not leave Vesta Sport any chance in sparring. The video clearly shows how 21106 easily circumvents its modern opponent and in the future only increases its lead.

In the same video, Vladimir Melnikov compares the quality of a two-car journey, noting the significant advantages of Vesta Sport in the form of more stubborn brakes, a much steeper steering wheel and overall concentration.

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