Tuesday , October 26 2021

The network shared the idea of ​​a VAZ-2107 budget setup


The blogger told how he sold all the mopeds and bought the red beast – VAZ-2107, which wants to make it even more beautiful, starting from the inside.

The autoblog on YouTube channel MOTO FIZRUK shared his impressions of his purchase, which is the 1996 Pushka-Gonka VAZ-2107 carburetor. The owner called his car a beast that came after selling all the mopeds available. As it should be, the first car probably always evokes the strongest emotions and, of course, the desire to make it even better, more attractive.

One way to make the VAZ-2107 even more beautiful for just 250 rubles is to paint the engine compartment with your own hands, namely the air filter box and the cylinder head cover. The parts were dismantled, sanded, primed and painted black from the cartridge. The cost of primer and a pair of enameled cylinders was 250 rubles.

A little time and patience, and the engine is clean, summed up the owner of the Seven, who also showed off a pink seat and a tape recorder that reads "flash drives."

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