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The official calls excessive teachers to get more than nine thousand: Society: Russia:

Ekaterina Chatehnikova, head of youth policy and social development programs in the Altai region, called the demands of young teachers who complained about a wage of nine thousand rubles. She expressed this opinion in an interview with Amic.

The journalist tried to understand from the employee how to motivate young people not to leave the region in search of better working conditions. In particular, he pointed to the example of low wages for young teachers.

"Inflated requirements are not good, give me everything at once, although I do not represent anything but myself, but I want a Mercedes." Adequacy must be in everything. Our task is to work with young people on this issue, "said Chatehnikov.

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00:01January 10th

Hetokinko noted that there are special programs in the Altai region and noted that "the young people want everything at once." "We all know if a child beats on the floor, wants his parents to buy him a toy," it's unusual behavior. We need to talk to young people, "she concluded.

On January 24, the President of the Novgorod Regional Elena Pisareva was criticized for the scandalous statement. She said that her mother, who gave birth after 30 years, "money is no longer needed, but she needs a baby she will love." So the official commented on the regional law, which establishes payments of 100,000 rubles for the firstborn only for women not older than 29 years.

Later, the administration of the governor explained that there are other measures to support mothers over 29 in the region.

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