Tuesday , October 26 2021

There were data on the wedding of Sobchak and Bogomolov :: Show business :: Dne.ru


The network has information about the wedding of Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov. The claim could happen as early as September.

Blogger Lena Miro commented on the wedding of the famous TV presenter and director. According to her, the message of triumph was spread by Ksenia Sobchak herself.

"An elderly divorced woman and an equally worthless man started dating dirty while still in legal relationships with others. The intrigue would have ended if it had not appeared. There were two high profile divorces and now, it seems, happiness – men and mantis women might be happy for a while. Why for a while? Yes, because neither Sobchak's Bogomolov charms seem to be charms, nor is the talent of director Xenia (or rather his lack) seem to be the best dream. " , thinks Lena Miro,

The blogger suggested that Xenia Sobchak's ex-husband, actor Maxim Vitorgan, had become a catalyst. Say, he got involved with the beautiful and young actress Nino Ninidze. "Xenia after such news, it seems as if a war horse, is twisted under her tail. She just had to prove to everyone that she was happier and happier than the loser's husband!" Blogger said.

But it's not that simple. "The problem is that the male praying mantis is not quite aware of her elderly wife's marriage plans. And Ksyusha doesn't know how to tell him about the upcoming Armageddon," Lena concluded. Then, by her own logic, Kseniya Sobchak launches the wedding news.

Following the publication of this information, Konstantin Bogomolov is said to be obliged to marry a television host. "Sly plan, yes. And stupid. However, it can even ride if Mantis will handle everything. However, it may turn out that the praying mantis is not the stupid and invertebrate insect Sobchak thinks. the wedding case, of course, is not the way it will be, Lena Miro wrote in LiveJournal. She is convinced that "there are 50 to 50" and expressed her hope that the director is "not really a complete idiot".

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