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Top 5 worst spouses by zodiac sign


According to astrologers, the date of birth has a serious impact on a person's character. While some are ready to take care of others from birth, others remain lonely in life because they have not learned to think about anyone but themselves. Astrologers evaluated the worst spouses by zodiac sign and told whom it was better not to associate your life.

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Twins rank first among the worst family men. If you want to find a reliable arm in your spouse, a loyal assistant and a good friend, it is better to find a better party. Twins can only make jokes and make plans, but in real life it is completely impossible to rely on them. You will not find these daydreams with fire when they are so needed. But if you want to be alone, they will surely prevent you.


"I'm tired, I want to cope!" – this phrase perfectly describes Ribi's position in family life. If you are ready to take care of your spouse the way your child is, there will probably be no marriage problems. And those who have a different perspective on family life will experience real hell. Not only do fish not know how to make decisions on their own, but they also like to transfer responsibility for all matters to others. Get ready to drag the whole house on you. It will be very difficult.


Who would have thought that a romantic like Sagittarius could be a bad husband? The representatives of this zodiac sign are ready to sing serenades under the window and read declarations of love in verse exactly until they are bored. If that moment comes, Sagittarius will immediately pack his things in a suitcase and run to sign the paperwork with another sweetheart. However, the next lover will face the same fate.


You can only marry Scorpio to those who know by heart all the dialogues from the movie Fifty Shades of Gray. Despot and Tyrant – so you can describe the representatives of this zodiac sign in family life. They are accustomed to obeying them implicitly and in all situations to comply with their requirements. A woman trying to resist Sagittarius will immediately go to the "torture chamber". Therefore, in order to avoid conflict, it is better not to argue with Sagittarius. Yes, dear, it will always be enough.


Many tend to believe that Crabs are envious spouses. Charismatic Romantics – Isn't This a Tale? He loves children and brings his wife to his arms – what else can you dream of? It is only now, in practice, that the representatives of this zodiac sign are shamers and hypocrites. When they are home, all their intelligence disappears and only one man stays on the couch with a glass of beer.

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