Tuesday , October 26 2021

Tupolev will create a replacement aircraft for the outdated An-12 | Army community


Moscow, 2 August – AIF-Moscow.

Director General of Tupolev PJSC Alexander Konyukhov said the company would create a medium-sized military transport aircraft to replace the outdated An-12 model, RIA Novosti reports.

The Ministry of Defense approved the technical assignment last November. Earlier it was reported that several concepts were being developed in the project, in particular the modification of IL-276. In the 1990s, Tupolev created a project for a Tu-330 transport aircraft, but later its development was halted due to lack of funding.

In addition, Tupolev plans to develop a new generation of supersonic passenger aircraft and launch a service station for Tu-204 and Tu-214 aircraft.

An-12 has been operating for 60 years. It has established itself as a reliable and unpretentious machine capable of operating in difficult climatic conditions. There are now many modifications to the An-12, several of which are made by Chinese experts.

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