Wednesday , June 16 2021

"Up to 500 calls a day." The epidemic of influenza and ARVI continues in Buryatia


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The agenda does not leave flu and SARS. Cooling and quarantine have not yet worked, and on the following day the republic is one of the most alarming regions for colds. About the situation at the end of the week.

The virus season is new, but the viruses are old and even well known. The main culprit for fever and cough in January this year was the viruses that caused the true pandemic of H3N2 and H1N1. Over the week, there were more than 9,000 new cases of common cold, 170 people had confirmed flu. In the fifth week all medical establishments in the city are in emergency mode.

Natalia Aleksandrova, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Polyclinic №6: We have increased the number of emergency care teams, increased the number of GPs and district pediatricians who serve domestic calls so that patients do not attend ambulatory clinics at the first signs but are served at home.

The doctors themselves took an ambulance and an ambulance. On average one brigade has up to 100 calls a day. On average days – no more than 25. The Evgenia Guardian can only breathe the patient from the patient to the patient.

Evgenia Ochirova, Emergency Medical Assistant: Up to 500 calls a day. We work one at a time, there are not enough doctors. Pediatric therapists can not cope with the challenges. He works as an emergency service and a medical ambulance.

Patients with mild illness stay at home. Seriously to the hospital. It is not only an infectious disease with acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, but during the epidemic the hospitals of the republican, children's Republican, 4th city hospital and children's medical center were restructured. Many of those who are engaged in self-healing, although not recommended. Since early January, antivirus pharmacies have been dismantled in pharmacies like hot cakes.

People were approaching, buying antiviral drugs. I do not know as always, but now it was somehow more or less calm.

The Ministry of Health has increased control over the availability of drugs and the cost of vital medicines. How much should it cost, for example, antivirus, learn on the website of the Ministry of Health in the section "Drug Delivery".

Tuya Ljudenova, press secretary of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Buryatia: There is a so-called list of vital medicines. This means that the state determines the maximum price threshold, ie. the supplier is not entitled to set the price above this price.

Despite all the measures, Buryatia remains among the leaders in the number of diseases in the country. Forced school holidays continued until February 6. Citizens are advised to wear masks indoors and in public transport. And the President of the country even advises to visit less in public places and do not forget the rules of personal hygiene. The Russian Minister of Health has calmed down – the old acquaintances of the virus, as it turns out, have long been under control.

Veronika Skvortzova, Minister of Health of Russia: Estimates estimate the expected average intensity of the epidemic. This year we used our high-tech three vaccines. They contain all the real strains recommended by the World Health Organization, so overall the population is ready for this epidemic.

And it seems citizens have listened to the advice. In the city's entertainment centers, the number of visitors is halved.

Usually more people are from now. Because of the quarantine.

We are already sick, restored. It seems all right. Sodium base for ointment. There are, in principle, not so many people here.

Over the past two days, the number of patients has been declining. Perhaps because of anti-epidemic measures and perhaps because of cooling. However, the risk of a second wave of the epidemic so far no one excludes.


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