Monday , October 18 2021

Uspenskaya told the story of her daughter's surgery, which changed a lot after the incident.


Lyubov Uspenskaya openly talks about her only daughter Tatiana Plaksina. About a year ago, she had an accident and was seriously injured. The actress acknowledged that her daughter had changed a lot since the incident.

According to the official version, Tatiana Plaksina fell out of her wheel, broke her jaw and banged several teeth. Lyubov Uspenskaya identified her daughter in the elite clinics of Switzerland and Slovenia, and also shaved her own hair to leave this terrible experience in the past. However, the consequences of the accident adversely affect their relationship.

In an interview with YouTube channel Glamor Russia, Ouspenskaya emphasized: "We were not mother and daughter, but friends!" According to the artist, Tatiana once described in detail how she lost her virginity. Love was also revealed with her daughter and even reported a first abortion.

However, everything changed when Placina went to study in America. "Something happened. I don't know what," Ospenskaya admitted. The singer noted that her daughter had become a secret. And last year's events only exacerbated the situation.

Now Tatiana is being treated in Spain. "The accident has greatly affected her state of mind. There are still many surgeries. I hope when the end comes, I will return to my girlfriend Tanya," the star expressed hope.

The singer considers her sole heiress to be talented: she is fluent in five languages, writes poetry at Brodsky level and sings. Lyubov Uspenskaya fans were able to appreciate their daughter's vocal abilities. In the spring, Tatiana performed the song "Roses Don't Talk" at her mother's concert.

According to the artist, she dreamed of a pregnant woman who would love, protect and nurture her daughter. She worked for her daughter, giving gifts, performing all the whims. "Maybe that's bad. I think I loved her," Lyubov Uspenskaya concluded.

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