Sunday , June 20 2021

Windows 10 unexpectedly made users cry from happiness

After the Windows 10 operating system was released in the final stable form, more than 3.5 years have passed, during which this software has not changed for the better. Yes, Microsoft employees constantly add new features and capabilities to it, but only a few need them. Such innovations, which are requested by the majority, are not implemented by developers. However, a whole bunch of negative reviews in the network for the first time for a long time forced the US corporation to change its own, far from the best decision taken a few years ago.

It is a fact that as early as the beginning of 2017, Microsoft's management said the company had decided to get rid of the outdated Paint Paint editor, replacing it with a new one. They promised that this software would stop working on Windows 10 computers in the first half of 2019. Today, February 12, some computer users based on the tenth "Windows" found a message that this graphics editor would soon be moved to the Microsoft Store.

At the same time, US corporation employees note that Paint can still be downloaded and installed on Windows 10 completely free if someone needs it. In this way, developers have decided not to give up this application, and also, in addition, continue to provide their software support so that they continue to work tens of millions of computers worldwide. The only difference is that to use this graphics editor, you'll need to download it yourself using your Microsoft account.

Initially, developers wanted to replace the old graphics application with a new one called Paint 3D, but this software has already garnered a lot of negative feedback from users who have forced Microsoft to continue maintaining the previously closed project. In the future, within Windows 10, these two graphics editors can be united in one that will get rid of negative web reviews by taking the best of other image and photo applications, even at a basic level .

Previously, we were able to understand that the Windows 10 operating system condemned users of terrible fate.

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