Sunday , July 3 2022

30,000 employees provide health services for pilgrims


The Kingdom used its full potential and physical and human resources to serve the worshipers and the essential services provided by the governmental and private bodies of the worshipers. The Joint Organization for Statistics said the workforce in the provision of "health services to pilgrims" was 30,908 (including 8,685 women) from the Ministry of Health, the Saudi Red Crescent and SFDA, as well as the workforce providing health services to the security and military. During the Hajj period, more than 1 411 medical, medical and field teams provided services to pilgrims.

The agency explained that the health, therapeutic, prophylactic and outpatient services of the pilgrims are provided as free specialized health services provided by the Ministry of Health through specialized teams of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, technicians and administrators with staff over 27,797. dialysis and gastrointestinal endoscopy, in addition to supplies and other specialized medical services needed by pilgrims. The number of hospitals operating 16 hospitals in Mecca and Senses, 125 health centers, equipped with all health, medical and emergency facilities, in addition to 68 field teams in and out of Mecca.

The Saudi Red Crescent Society has deployed 132 temporary and temporary care centers, 370 ambulances, 20 bicycles and 2,811 emergency teams and staff in Mecca, Medina and the Holy Places to provide all medical and emergency services for pilgrims.

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