Sunday , July 3 2022

A famous contractor announces her divorce from her husband in Saudi Arabia


Famous Pakistani artist Zara Balochi announced her divorce from Saudi director Samir Aref, saying the separation had emerged from incompatibility between them and that their relationship was still good.

Balachi confirmed in a comment to a number of onlookers about her relationship with Bismar, her separation with her, without specifying when he split between them: "If, God willing, we were separated from our slaughter, Samir and yes, in it, but this, that we have agreed to marry means that it is bad; Marry Samir Aref. "

In response to a comment from one of her Twitter followers, she asked all her followers to stop talking about her desire to obtain Saudi Arabian citizenship, since after her split with Samir Aref it was no longer possible: "I didn't want to citizenship, Saudi Arabia in safety I separated from your Saudi child, God bless him in Saudi Arabia, save him and save your country, I am happy Pakistani happy, thank God

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