Monday , June 14 2021

After the video "Khaled Youssef" .. Mona Faruk watches the audience in a new series

After the video

Source: Mohamed Abdel Fadil – Erm News

After the scandal of sex videos that emerged and caused a sensation in recent days, artist Mona Farouk looks differently at the audience this time by participating in a new series titled "Family Records," which will be broadcast on CBC.

Despite a 15-day detention and a difficult period, she faces the same accusation as her colleague Shima al-Hajj after she appears in the pornographic video, but the young actress will wait for various reactions from the public when her new series.

Sources revealed the news that Mona did not finish filming her role in the series, but that would not hinder his offer after the company replaced Mona Farouk's work instead of Egyptian artist Gafran to complete the rest of the scenes.

On March 2, CBC sets a date for the show, according to director Tammer Hamza.

The series "Family Restriction" with the participation of Murat Amin, Izzat al-Alayi, Bossi, Salah Abdullah, Dina Fuad, Nabil Halafavi, Hala Facker, Inam Salusha, Simon and Nidal Shafey produced by Egyptian Arts written by Mohamed Raja and Michel Nabil .

The work belongs to a series of 45 episodes entitled "The White House" and was changed only one day before the start of the shooting, according to the vision of director Tammer Hamza, in agreement with the producer.

The Interior Ministry's security services arrested the two representatives of Mona Farouk and Shema Al-Hajj for making a clear action after the activists spread social networking sites and recently spread a video to a man who is known to be the famous director Halley Youssef and shows the accused to perform dance moves naked.

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