Tuesday , September 21 2021

Al-Hamd al-Hudud advanced to Zamalek with a goal in the first round

Hamas Al Hudud advanced to Zamalek with a solitary goal in the first round of the match, which is currently held at the Petrosport Stadium in the 13th week of the Egyptian league competition.

Zamalek starts the game by forming components:

Goalkeeper: Mahmoud Jensh.

Defenders: Hamdi Al-Nqaz, Mahmoud Alaa, Mahmoud Al-Wensh, Ahmed Fattouh

Midfielder: Tarek Hamed, Farjani Sassi and Kherba, Obama and Ibrahim Hassan.

Offensive: Kasongo.

While the border guards begin meetings by forming components:

Goalkeeper: Ahmed Saadani.

Defense lines: Mohamed Abdel Fattah, Khaled Samy, Abdullah Gomaa and Mohammed Al-Shabini

Midfield: Ibrahim Abdel Khalek, Ghareeb Yasser, Ahmed Felix, and Ahmed El Sheikh

Offensive: Hamada Nasser and Edo Mossis

The game started with white controls in the middle of the field and Kasongo tried to save the keeper with a powerful 4-minute shot, but the ball went past the left post for Saadani.

Zamalek's player asked referee Tarek Samy to fill the penalty 5 minutes after the electric fall inside the penalty area after clashing with defenders, but the referee pointed to continue playing.

The 9th minute clashes between Moussais, striker keeper and Hamdi al-Nakaz, Zamalek supporters, to intervene and the situation between the players without a yellow card.

Zamalek launched an organized attack in the 16th minute watching several passes between Kherba and Ibrahim Hassan to hit the ball into Hamdi Alnqaz and give a dangerous cross in the penalty area, but diverted the guard's defense to a corner.

Mosis surprised everyone for 20 minutes by scoring the first goal of the Border Guard after receiving a magic pass to unite Jensh's goal and put the ball into the white goal.

Zamalek wasted a chance to score in the 23rd minute after Saadani's brilliance in the face of Obama's presidency and Kasongo failed to control the ball after rebounding from the keeper to miss the goal for white.

Kasongo continued his favorite hobby to concede a goal after receiving a neat cross from Mahmoud Alaa in the penalty box, but he shot very oddly outside the keeper's goal.

The referee handed over a yellow card in front of Ahmad al-Saadani, a 27-year-old border guard guard, wasting time.

Tariq Al-Ashri took the first change from the guard at 28 minutes, and the death of Imam Ashour and the departure of Moses, the only target of the injury.

Ahmed Al Shaikh fired a 34-minute free-kick from a free kick which hit the crossbar to miss the border guard's second goal.

Ahmed Al Saadani, the border guard, continued to shine in the 36th minute after hitting a powerful shot from Obama.

Zamalek's players played quickly in the final minutes of the first half with the hope of scoring before the match ended. The surface was revealed on Gros Switzerland's face, especially with the many opportunities wasted by the White team, and the referee canceled the goal of 43 minutes infiltration of Kasongo.

Zamalek lost one more goal 45 minutes after Kasongo received a magic pass from Obama to the Congo striker in the penalty box but the latter sent the ball out of the goal.

The referee took 3 minutes rather than losing time, while Zamalek pressed all of his lines with a full retreat from the guard players to maintain the goal of progress. Farjani Farjani Sassi received a yellow card before the referee shot the whistle at the end of the first half with a one-goal advantage.

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