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Al-Riyadh newspaper electronic platform for pilgrim promotions and applications in Hajj 1440 e

Electronic platform for pilgrim promotions and applications in Hajj 1440 e

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, represented by the Vision Achievement Office recently organized a workshop entitled "Comprehensive Plans for Hajj, Milestones, and Visualization", in the presence of officials in services and pilgrim experts in the area of ​​promotion and crowd management.

Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah for Hajj Dr. Hussein Al-Sharif said in his opening speech that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and its partners in the Hajj service system continued to improve the experience of Hajj and Umrah and visit and enrich this journey thanks to God and

Support and attention from wise leadership, who do not strive to improve the experience of pilgrims and provide the best service to carry out their activities in comfort and tranquility.

Al-Sharif added that the ministry is working with new ideas to achieve "smart promotion", stressing that this workshop is a practical application to find best practices and solutions and transfer of knowledge.

The workshop included a discussion of the current situation and expected results, an outline of the overall plan for the Hajj in various stages of the Hajj, the phase procedures related to marriage, and documentation of the work of the responsible parties at each stage.

Then the interactive session begins with the role of different parties in the promotion plan in the first workshop in the scheduled package before holding three workshops, starting with data entry and then in the second stage, drawing a plan and finally reviewing the plan before adopting it.

While the overall plan for Hajj, whose first results will be held during the 1440 pilgrimage season, focuses on two axes in the discussion session, the first is about the phase of coming and going and inter-city marriages.

Hajj aims to develop the festival's operational environment through four aspects: infrastructure, traffic management,

And how to do the rituals and desires of the pilgrims, and techniques, so that the calculation of road absorption, and infrastructure readiness, as well as the development of plans.

Preliminary information on this promotion plan was built by tracking Hajj trips, 50 desk studies, a large number of field studies, 200 interviews and filming at arrival and departure stations, and all important and articulated stations on Haj Road,

Distributed to 800 raft companies to achieve strategic objectives: development of promotional schedules through electronic platforms for promotion and available to participants.

In conclusion, the questionnaire was shared with the audience to enrich the discussion and find various solutions and to codify the proposal.

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