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Arab World Time A slight fall in temperatures in Lebanon and the forties in some parts of the Arabian Gulf and the Maghreb


Arab weather – weather forecast and temperatures in Arab world on Thursday 1-8-2019:

Weather conditions in Bilad al-Sham and Egypt:

A slight decrease in temperature on Thursday and a light summer on Friday

  • Temperatures are slightly lower in the Levant compared to Wednesday, and the climate remains relatively hot in Amman and Jerusalem with temperatures in the early 30s.,
  • The climate remains hot in Damascus, where the maximum temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius,
  • Typical summer weather in Lebanon and the Syrian coast with temperatures in the late 1920s, on Friday on the Syrian coast and the surrounding mountains, is possible for local showers with rain.,
  • The active winds in the regions of Jordan and Syria Badia raise dust and dust,
  • Humidity in Jordan, Palestine and throughout the Levant region increases significantly with Thursday night / Friday hours,
  • There is another fall in temperatures on Friday with soft summers in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and parts of Western Syria,
  • Warm atmosphere in the interior of Egypt, while in the northern coastal areas is normal summer, with high humidity and light mist or water cold in some areas,

Weather in Arabian Gulf States:

Hot to very hot weather in most areas and thunderstorms in the mountains of Yemen and southwestern Saudi Arabia

  • The climate remains warm to very hot and dry throughout the Arabian Peninsula, where the high reaches the mid-forties in Baghdad, Doha and Riyadh.,
  • Iraq, Kuwait and the eastern regions of Saudi Arabia are blowing dusty winds,
  • Thunderstorms are expected to form in the mountains of Yemen and southwestern Saudi Arabia with local rainfall,
  • Thunderstorms are not limited to the western mountains of Yemen, but include the possibility of Thursday but include scattered parts of the central and eastern mountainous regions of Yemen.,

Weather in the Maghreb countries:

Clear temperature rise, hot air mass affect the area

  • Highs Thursday in most of the country, forty degrees in most of the interior, and in the late thirties Celsius in the Tunisian coast,
  • Thunderstorms continue to form in the evening and night in parts of central Algeria and some inland regions and restricted parts of the Atlas Mountains in the Kingdom of Morocco.,
  • The weather remains softer on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, with low clouds and fog as the atmosphere continues to be warm inland.,

Weather around the world:

  • Heavy thunderstorms and floods are expected in Romania, Bulgaria and parts of the westernmost part of Ukraine and the Alps due to severe weather volatility.,
  • Heavy thunderstorms occur in the Basque region of northern Spain and southern France, warning of torrential flooding,
  • Temperatures are mild in London and Paris, and temperatures are around the mid-20s,
  • Air depression with heavy rainfall expected in parts of central and southern Russia to the border with Kazakhstan,
  • Low northwest of the United States and the far west of Canada is expected, with heavy rain expected in Seattle and Vancouver,
  • Rain and thunderstorms are expected in the Mississippi basins Thursday and Friday, accompanied by the risk of floods and severe thunderstorms,
  • Thunderstorms expected in the southeastern United States, sometimes accompanied by heavy rain,
  • Heavy rain is forecast for Taiwan and southern China as far as northern Vietnam,
  • Tropical meteorological systems continue to move west of Hawaii, where Flossy is expected to become a Category 3 hurricane.,

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Meteorological conditions and expected temperatures in the Arab world on Thursday 1-8-2019:

Weather and expected temperatures in Arab World on Thursday 1-8-2019

Weather in Amman – Jordan today:

  • Clear weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Oman: 31 °
  • The minimum temperature in Oman is: 20 °

Weather in Jerusalem – Palestine today:

  • Time is often clear.
  • Maximum temperature in Jerusalem: 30 °
  • Minimum temperature in Jerusalem: 21 °

Weather in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia today:

  • Hot weather.
  • The maximum temperature in Riyadh is: 45 °
  • The minimum temperature in Riyadh is: 32 °

Weather in Beirut – Lebanon today:

  • Partly cloudy skies.
  • Maximum temperature in Beirut: 30 °
  • The minimum temperature in Beirut is: 27 °

Weather in Damascus – Syria today:

  • Hot weather.
  • The maximum temperature in Damascus is: 42 °
  • The minimum temperature in Damascus is: 21 °

Weather in Baghdad – Iraq today:

  • Hot weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Baghdad: 47 °
  • The minimum temperature in Baghdad is 28 °

Weather in Kuwait City – Kuwait today:

  • Excited dust.
  • Maximum temperature in Kuwait: 48 °
  • The minimum temperature in Kuwait City is 33 °

Weather in Manama – Bahrain today:

  • Clear weather.
  • Highest temperature in Manama: 41 °
  • The minimum temperature in Manama is: 35 °

Weather in Abu Dhabi – UAE today:

  • Scattered clouds.
  • Highest temperature in Manama: 37 °
  • The minimum temperature in Manama is 34 °

Weather in Doha – Qatar today:

  • Hot weather.
  • High in Doha: 47 °
  • The minimum temperature in Doha is 33 °

Weather in Muscat – Oman today:

  • Scattered clouds.
  • Maximum temperature in Muscat: 36 °
  • The minimum temperature in Muscat is: 33 °

Weather in Sana'a – Yemen today:

  • Chance of rain.
  • Maximum temperature in Sana'a: 26 °
  • Low in Sanaa: 15 °

Weather in Cairo – Egypt today:

  • Hot weather.
  • Highest temperature in Cairo: 37 °
  • Minimum temperature in Cairo: 24 °

Weather in Mogadishu – Somalia today:

  • Chance of rain.
  • The maximum temperature in Mogadishu is: 26 °
  • The minimum temperature in Mogadishu is: 24 °

Weather in Djibouti – Djibouti today:

  • Scattered clouds.
  • Temperature in Djibouti: 33 °
  • Temperature in Djibouti: 31 °

Weather in Khartoum – Sudan today:

  • The weather is often cloudy.
  • Maximum temperature in Khartoum: 37 °
  • The minimum temperature in Khartoum is: 28 °

Weather in Tripoli – Libya today:

  • Time is often clear.
  • Maximum temperature in Tripoli: 34 °
  • The minimum temperature in Tripoli is: 24 °

Weather in Tunisia – Tunisia today:

  • Rain.
  • The maximum temperature in Tunisia is: 41 °
  • The minimum temperature in Tunisia is: 26 °

Weather in Algeria – Algeria today:

  • Thunderstorms rain.
  • High in Algeria: 37 °
  • The minimum temperature in Algeria is: 25 °

Weather in Rabat – Morocco today:

  • Chance of rain.
  • The maximum temperature in Rabat is: 26 °
  • The minimum temperature in Rabat is: 21 °

Weather in Nouakchott, Mauritania today:

  • Clear weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Nouakchott: 29 °
  • The minimum temperature in Nouakchott is: 25 °

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