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Arab World Time Moderate weekend in Lebanon and hot in the Arabian Gulf and Maghreb


Arab weather – weather forecast and temperatures in Arab world on Friday 2-8-2019:

Weather in Bilad al Sham and Egypt:

Moderate air mass affects the western facade of the Levant ..Soft summer weather in Amman, Jerusalem and Beirut

  • The western regions of the Levant are affected by moderate air mass, with high temperatures in the late 20s in Amman, Beirut and parts of Jerusalem, with northwest moderate to high winds increasing the climate.,
  • Temperatures are slightly lower in Damascus and Syrian desert regions with relatively warm to hot climates,
  • Humidity is clearly rising over Palestine, Jordan and parts of Lebanon and the Syrian coast, with low clouds appearing at dawn and in the morning,
  • The weather remains hot in Cairo and inland Egypt, where temperatures rise between the late 30s and early 40s,

Weather in Arabian Gulf States:

Dusty active wind in southern Iraq and Kuwait.. Thunderstorms in the mountains of Yemen and southwestern Saudi Arabia

  • The weather remains dry and hot to very hot in most parts of the Arabian Peninsula with temperatures around the mid-40s just above,
  • Temperatures near the 50 ° C barrier in parts of southern Iraq and inland Kuwait,
  • Dusty northwest winds are blowing in southern Iraq and Kuwait,
  • Active north winds blowing on the eastern slopes of the Taif, Asir, Jizan and Nairan mountains,
  • Thunderstorms are expected to form over parts of the Assyrian and Jazan mountain ranges in southwestern Saudi Arabia and in the western mountainous regions of Yemen,

Weather in the Maghreb countries:

The heatwave affects Tunisia and large parts of Algeria

  • The region is increasingly affected by heat waves, with forty temperatures prevailing in Tunisia and large parts of eastern and inland Algeria.,
  • The climate remains normal on the Algerian coast, especially in the center and west of the country,
  • The weather remains soft on the shores of Morocco's Atlantic Ocean with the formation of low clouds and fog as time continues to warm inland,
  • Thunderstorms and rainfall continue in different parts of Algeria's Atlas and Sahara Atlas regions in the evening and early night,
  • Thunderstorms are expected in large parts of southern Sudan, near the capital Khartoum, with rainfall accompanied by gusts of dust and sandstorms,

Weather around the world:

  • Thunderstorms are expected in parts of Italy, Switzerland and Austria to reach the Balkan countries, Romania and Ukraine,
  • Weather remains volatile in the Netherlands, Denmark and northern Germany, with a chance of thunderstorms,
  • Thunderstorms are expected in the Caucasus Mountains and the southernmost republics of Russia,
  • Severe depression attached to cold air front in the Volga Basin regions of Russia to northern Kazakhstan, accompanied by heavy rains, high winds and clear temperature drop,
  • Moist Atlantic wave rushes off the coast of the UK from the west, causing rain over the weekend,
  • Temperatures are mild in London and Paris, and temperatures are around the mid-20s,
  • Air depression with heavy rainfall expected in parts of central and southern Russia to the border with Kazakhstan,
  • Thunderstorms expected in central US, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa to South Dakota,
  • Low ice, coupled with heavy rainfall in the far west of Canada and the United States, brings heavy rainfall and winds especially in Vancouver and Seattle,
  • Heavy thunderstorms over large parts of Southeast Asia, especially southern China, northern Vietnam and parts of Thailand and Myanmar,
  • Torrential rains are expected in the Hawaiian Islands due to the arrival of Hurricane Eric as Hurricane Flossy continues eastward,

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Meteorological conditions and expected temperatures in the Arab world on Friday 2-8-2019:

Weather and expected temperatures in Arab World on Friday 2-8-2019

Weather in Amman – Jordan today:

  • Time is often clear.
  • Maximum temperature in Oman: 29 °
  • The minimum temperature in Oman is: 20 °

Weather in Jerusalem – Palestine today:

  • Scattered clouds.
  • Maximum temperature in Jerusalem: 29 °
  • Low in Jerusalem: 22 °

Weather in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia today:

  • Hot weather.
  • The maximum temperature in Riyadh is: 45 °
  • The minimum temperature in Riyadh is: 32 °

Weather in Beirut – Lebanon today:

  • Scattered clouds.
  • Maximum temperature in Beirut: 31 °
  • The minimum temperature in Beirut is: 27 °

Weather in Damascus – Syria today:

  • Hot weather.
  • The maximum temperature in Damascus is: 36 °
  • The minimum temperature in Damascus is 19 °

Weather in Baghdad – Iraq today:

  • Hot weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Baghdad: 47 °
  • The minimum temperature in Baghdad is 31 °

Weather in Kuwait City – Kuwait today:

  • Excited dust.
  • Maximum temperature in Kuwait: 50 °
  • The minimum temperature in Kuwait City is 33 °

Weather in Manama – Bahrain today:

  • Clear weather.
  • Highest temperature in Manama: 41 °
  • The minimum temperature in Manama is: 35 °

Weather in Abu Dhabi – UAE today:

  • Time is often clear.
  • Highest temperature in Manama: 38 °
  • The minimum temperature in Manama is 34 °

Weather in Doha – Qatar today:

  • Hot weather.
  • High in Doha: 48 °
  • The minimum temperature in Doha is 32 °

Weather in Muscat – Oman today:

  • Hot weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Muscat: 38 °
  • The minimum temperature in Muscat is: 32 °

Weather in Sana'a – Yemen today:

  • Chance of rain.
  • Maximum temperature in Sana'a: 22 °
  • Low in Sanaa: 15 °

Weather in Cairo – Egypt today:

  • Hot weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Cairo: 38 °
  • Low in Cairo: 25 °

Weather in Mogadishu – Somalia today:

  • Rain.
  • The maximum temperature in Mogadishu is: 27 °
  • The minimum temperature in Mogadishu is: 24 °

Weather in Djibouti – Djibouti today:

  • The weather is often cloudy.
  • Temperature in Djibouti: 35 °
  • Temperature in Djibouti: 32 °

Weather in Khartoum – Sudan today:

  • Partly cloudy skies.
  • Maximum temperature in Khartoum: 36 °
  • The minimum temperature in Khartoum is: 27 °

Weather in Tripoli – Libya today:

  • Hot weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Tripoli: 38 °
  • The minimum temperature in Tripoli is: 27 °

Weather in Tunisia – Tunisia today:

  • Thunderstorms rain.
  • The maximum temperature in Tunisia is: 44 °
  • The minimum temperature in Tunisia is: 25 °

Weather in Algeria – Algeria today:

  • Chance of rain.
  • High in Algeria: 29 °
  • The minimum temperature in Algeria is: 24 °

Weather in Rabat – Morocco today:

  • Scattered clouds.
  • The maximum temperature in Rabat is: 26 °
  • The minimum temperature in Rabat is: 19 °

Weather in Nouakchott, Mauritania today:

  • Active winds.
  • Maximum temperature in Nouakchott: 32 °
  • The minimum temperature in Nouakchott is: 26 °

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