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Arab World Time Review of Arab World Time The first day of Eid al-Adha


Arab weather – weather forecast and temperatures in Arab world on Sunday 11-8-2019:

Weather conditions in Bilad al-Sham and Egypt:

A typical summer atmosphere on the first day of Aid al-Adha and a slight increase in temperatures,

  • There is a slight rise in temperatures throughout the Levant, where temperatures are expected to rise in the early thirties in Amman, Beirut, Jerusalem and normal summer daytime temperatures and tend to cool in the late evening,
  • Temperatures are expected to remain clearly high in Damascus and the northern regions of Syria, reaching the early and mid-forties with a relatively hot atmosphere during the first day of Eid al-Adha.,
  • Rainfall is expected in the far north of the Syrian coast, which increases the likelihood of local rainfall,
  • Temperatures in the mid-40s in Cairo and all parts of Egypt, where the summer climate is hot to very hot,
  • Moisture levels rise with Sunday morning along the northern coast of Egypt, where heavy fog is expected to occur in these areas, in addition to the expectation of light fog in the highlands of northern Jordan and parts of northern Palestine.,

Weather in Arabian Gulf States:

Thunderstorms are expected in Mecca on the first day of Eid Al-Adha,

  • Hot and dry weather persists in the Gulf countries, with temperatures in the mid-40s in Doha, Kuwait, Baghdad and eastern Saudi Arabia and in the mid to late 30s in the UAE, Bahrain and Oman.,
  • Temperatures are moderate in southwestern Saudi Arabia and western Yemen, with temperatures reaching the mid-20s,
  • Opportunities for local formation continue in the highlands of southwestern Saudi Arabia and western Yemen, where thunderstorms occur in many areas as these formations are expected to extend to Typhus and Mecca in the afternoon and afternoon. The area of ​​sacred feelings when approaching the area,
  • North winds blow over many areas of Qatar in addition to Doha and the eastern regions of Saudi Arabia, called (Bawarh winds) on Sunday, where speed is active, accompanied by strong gusts that work to lift dust and dust in some areas,

Weather in the Maghreb countries:

Temperatures in the 1930s and thunderstorms over the mountains of Morocco's Atlas

  • In the coastal regions of Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco, the summer climate is normal with temperatures reaching the mid-30s.,
  • Humidity levels rise in the eastern coastal regions of Tunisia and the western and central coastal regions of Libya during the dawn and early morning, creating light mist in different regions,
  • A cumulonimbus is expected to form over the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, which will bring thunderstorms. The climate will continue to be gentle and temperate in the coastal areas of Morocco.

Weather around the world:

  • Scandinavian countries continue to be affected by low air and the heavy thunderstorms associated with it, where the climate is very cold in these areas,
  • A new low depression affects Iceland, bringing heavy rain, snow and wind,
  • Stable weather, normal summer weather in Southern Europe and temperatures through the late 20s and early 30s,
  • The central regions of the European continent continue to be affected by atmospheric instability, with heavy thunderstorms with cold rains expected to cause flooding in parts of France, Austria and Poland,
  • Deep depression is targeting Argentina from Antarctica, bringing heavy snow, cold weather and high snow warnings, especially in the southernmost Argentine and Falkland Islands.,
  • Lekima typhoon is expected to retreat to a tropical storm after it hits China's east coast, as it is expected to continue north of Shanghai on Sunday.,
  • Typhoon Cross is expected to continue its slow trend toward the east coast of Japan, where it is expected to hit early next week.,
  • Southern Mexico and its western coasts, as well as Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, are expected to be affected by severe meteorological instability.,

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Meteorological conditions and expected temperatures in the Arab world on Sunday 11-8-2019:

Weather and expected temperatures in Arab World on Sunday 11-8-2019

Weather in Amman – Jordan today:

  • Clear weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Oman: 29 °
  • The minimum temperature in Oman is: 20 °

Weather in Jerusalem – Palestine today:

  • Time is often clear.
  • Maximum temperature in Jerusalem: 30 °
  • Minimum temperature in Jerusalem: 21 °

Weather in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia today:

  • Clear weather.
  • The maximum temperature in Riyadh is: 40 °
  • The minimum temperature in Riyadh is: 27 °

Weather in Beirut – Lebanon today:

  • Scattered clouds.
  • Maximum temperature in Beirut: 31 °
  • The minimum temperature in Beirut is: 27 °

Weather in Damascus – Syria today:

  • Hot weather.
  • The maximum temperature in Damascus is: 39 °
  • The minimum temperature in Damascus is: 22 °

Weather in Baghdad – Iraq today:

  • Hot weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Baghdad: 45 °
  • The minimum temperature in Baghdad is 30 °

Weather in Kuwait City – Kuwait today:

  • Clear weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Kuwait: 45 °
  • The minimum temperature in Kuwait City is 34 °

Weather in Manama – Bahrain today:

  • Clear weather.
  • Highest temperature in Manama: 38 °
  • The minimum temperature in Manama is 34 °

Weather in Abu Dhabi – UAE today:

  • Partly cloudy skies.
  • Highest temperature in Manama: 36 °
  • The minimum temperature in Manama is 34 °

Weather in Doha – Qatar today:

  • The possibility of excited dust.
  • High in Doha: 43 °
  • The minimum temperature in Doha is 33 °

Weather in Muscat – Oman today:

  • Cloudy weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Muscat: 36 °
  • The minimum temperature in Muscat is: 32 °

Weather in Sana'a – Yemen today:

  • Chance of rain.
  • Low: 22 ° C
  • Low in Sanaa: 15 °

Weather in Cairo – Egypt today:

  • Clear weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Cairo: 39 °
  • Low in Cairo: 22 °

Weather in Mogadishu – Somalia today:

  • Heavy rain with active winds.
  • The maximum temperature in Mogadishu is: 26 °
  • The minimum temperature in Mogadishu is: 25 °

Weather in Djibouti – Djibouti today:

  • Cloudy weather.
  • Temperature in Djibouti: 35 °
  • Temperature in Djibouti: 31 °

Weather in Khartoum – Sudan today:

  • Chance of rain.
  • Maximum temperature in Khartoum: 30 °
  • The minimum temperature in Khartoum is: 24 °

Weather in Tripoli – Libya today:

  • Time is often clear.
  • Maximum temperature in Tripoli: 33 °
  • The minimum temperature in Tripoli is: 24 °

Weather in Tunisia – Tunisia today:

  • Clear weather.
  • The maximum temperature in Tunisia is: 35 °
  • The minimum temperature in Tunisia is: 22 °

Weather in Algeria – Algeria today:

  • Chance of rain.
  • High in Algeria: 31 °
  • The minimum temperature in Algeria is: 24 °

Weather in Rabat – Morocco today:

  • Scattered clouds.
  • The maximum temperature in Rabat is: 25 °
  • The minimum temperature in Rabat is: 19 °

Weather in Nouakchott, Mauritania today:

  • Scattered clouds.
  • Maximum temperature in Nouakchott: 28 °
  • Low in Nouakchott: 25 °

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