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Egyptian vocalist beats her voice at Royal Albert Hall


Egyptian vocalist beats her voice at Royal Albert Hall

Egyptian soprano / Fatima Said

The Royal Albert Hall will be held in London on Wednesday, August 7th, with Egyptian soprano Fatima Said at a ceremony during the Albarum Season 26 concerts.

Said will sing the funeral liturgy for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Cochil 626 in the Rye Scale), accompanied by the National Broadcasting Corporation orchestra and Coral Wales, conducted by Natalie Watttsman, and Metzosoprano, Katharin Raidwid, Katharine Rajwid Shiply.

She is the first Egyptian to sing at the Royal Albert Hall, one of the most important concert halls in Europe, with a capacity of 5,267 spectators and opened at Queen Victoria in 1871.

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Fatima Said is an Egyptian soprano who won three awards at the Veronica Dun Opera in Dublin, Ireland in 2016: the Audience Award, the Aria Mozart Award for Best Performance and the Jury Prize. He started singing at a young age, studied at the hands of famous Egyptian singer Nevin Aluba, and then continued his musical studies in Germany, where he attended the Hans-Isler School in Berlin.

He then received a scholarship from the La Scala Theater Academy in Milan to be the first Egyptian singer to study at the Academy, and in 2012 he received two singing awards from Istanbul.

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