Friday , May 20 2022

FilGoal | News | Zambalec's boss rejects coach Mohammed Ibrahim


Zamalek's president made a series of decisions after his team lost to Al-Ali at the end of the Egyptian League, mostly with the dismissal of the coaching staff led by Khaled Jalal and the dismissal of team leader Mohammed Ibrahim.

Zamalek lost in the final match against Al-Ahly with 1: 0 over Ali Maaloul and Zamalek was 72 points, 8 points behind the season.

Zamalek's president decided to release the current technical staff led by Khaled Jalal for losing Achilles and losing the league title.

Zamalek's president announced that the next coach will be a foreign coach who will lead the team during the new season and will enter into a contract with him within one week.

Zamalek's president also decides to sell Mohammed Ibrahim, the captain of the team.

Khaled Jalal took over on May 31 and played four games with Zamalek.

Zalilek, led by Khalid Jalal, plays in the border guards and El Guna, defeats Ismail and loses Al Ahley.

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