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Follow the series when the moon is completed episode 17 interesting events between the collector and his 3ndma yktmel elkmar

When the moon is full Episode 17, when the moon is full 17, the episodes of this series are broadcast during the week from Saturday to Wednesday, is one of the most powerful Saudi series that has earned high viewing speeds as well as the download link , when completed immediately after the end of the show through MBC 1, and the classification of this work of horror and excitement as it contains a story of science fiction-related things that discusses people's lives, turning their lives upside down because of one of the Elves, who claims Floh , now we'll know the details of the series when the moon is full and the episodes, in the next few lines.

Series when the moon is over:

The story of a series begins when the moon is full that one hopes to ensure a decent life for him and his family. This man goes to his mother's village to look for his old house so that he can sell it, but he does not know he has a gin family living in this place. His body can also dwell.

When the moon is full
When the moon is full

Despite the fact that the series is not shown much, it has a wide resonance in Saudi Arabia and beyond, because of an interesting story where family life and problems are discussed, and successive events in an atmosphere of excitement facing guest Jamaican who lives with his little family of his son, his wife and grandson who leads us to another turn when his grandson's illness, and now he knows a crew when the moon is full.

  • Rome Abdullah.
  • Faisal Al Amiri.
  • Mohammed al-Tuwayne.
  • Ahmed Shoeib.
  • Maysoun Al Ruwaili (Meissun Abdul Aziz).
  • Sara El Japhei.
See the sixteenth episode
See the sixteenth episode

Fingers at the End of the Moon 16:

The show can be scheduled for the series when the moon is full to be from Saturday to Wednesday to show five episodes of each week in excitement and tension and the MBC channel 1 shows a series when the moon completes the new episode in time, When the moon is over at 23 pm When the moon is over, the new episode will be in Egypt at 10 am, and the episode will be broadcast when the moon ends on 17 this Tuesday. Available immediately after the episode of MB C-1.

During the last episodes it was said that Jamman tried to dig into the house and brought his comrade with him to help him, he continued to dig treasure in spite of the pound warning and when his friend found the statue and it handed over to him, the boy swallowed the ground and burned the car.

Now the episode shows a series when the moon is full, and the events in Episode 15 of the moon are full that Yahman continues to search for the treasure even though he knows the gin around him where he came, but he is determined to seek a treasure, Despite everything that happened to him during episodes when the full moon was completed.

Events When the Moon ends 16:

In episode 14, when the moon is complete, the Shahdah net is caught, and Jaman receives the golden statue that is considered to be the sign of the treasure he seeks, and presents his Sudanese girlfriend with danger and he gets out and takes the statue to sold it. By the time the moon is finished 15 today.

Episode 15 begins when the moon ends in a few minutes when the new radio episode approaches the day of the full moon, and then, when the moon is over, 15 viewers are available in seconds, where the episode contains many fireworks that attract the public.

Following Jaman's return to search for the rest of the treasure today, we follow Tuesday through episode 17 Watch Net when the moon is full, new and more exciting events.

When the Moon is Complete Episode 17:

The new episode of "When the Moon is Now Finished" emit episode 17 via the mbc1 channel.

Episode 17 ends when the moon is over, then immediately after the episode of the TV show.

Watch the 17th episode.
Watch the 17th episode.

A series of lovers despite the divorce.

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