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Fortnight: American Boy Wins $ 3 Million And Becomes World Champion In The Game


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American winner Kyle Gersedov.

American boy won a record $ 3 million after becoming world champion of Fortnight Electronic.

The biggest game award in the history of electronic games, where the winners take part in the $ 30 million prizes.

16-year-old Kyle Gersdorf won the Individual Open at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, where the US Open is held.

The British boy, Yiddish Ashman, has won about £ 1 million after winning second place in two-way matches.

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Gerdsov, known on the internet as Buga, laughed and nodded at the crowd that had risen to the moment he was named the winner.

After announcing his victory, Gersudov told the BBC he wants to save most of the cash prizes. "All I want is a new office and maybe Cassie's office," he said.

The event marks a milestone in the global e-sports market, whose revenue will exceed $ 1 billion in 2019, according to analysts.

However, the record for the highest number of prizes is expected to be exceeded through another competition called "International". lThe International Conference will be held in August next year.

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The Finals of the Evening Cup saw 100 players fighting on giant computer screens.

About 40 million players have tried to qualify for the tournament for 10 weeks of online racing, but only 100 have won the chance to compete in the finals.

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About 32.4 million players in the UK.

The tournament was attended by more than 30 countries, with 70 players from the United States, 14 from France and 11 from the UK.

Twelve weeks is played by 100 players who are placed on an island where they have to find weapons, build forts and eliminate, so that one player can sit on the top.

There are about 200 million registered players around the world and they are free to download but players can spend money on purchases in the game.

Players can play alone or as part of a team of 4 people or a team of 20 people, with friends or people they do not know.

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Last month, British MPs questioned EpicGames, the developer of the game, whether they had done enough to test the lives of players or encourage consumers to make breaks after long periods of play.

In April, Prince Harry, Duke Sussex, called for a Fortnite ban, stating that the game was "designed for addiction".

The company's lawyer, Canon Pines, told MPs that EpicGames employees were "surprised" by Prince Harry's comments.

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