Wednesday , January 27 2021

From the Arab side to ask Iran to reconsider its policies

Amr Musa, a former Arab League secretary general, comments on some Iranian attempts to intervene in some Arab countries: "Iranian regional policy has ruined Persian-Arab relations."

He said in comments on the "history" program, which was presented in MBC Egypt, on Monday evening that the study of the dossier of Arab-Iranian relations as well as the dossier of the Iran-Israeli relations, as well as the US-Iranian relations the Arab side are good.

"No one should imagine that the United States can attack Iran for us," he said, pointing out that the Arab country should be clear in this dossier to call on Iran and insist on revisiting its policies in the region.

He said he expects some agreements between the US and Iran to take place in the next period, stressing the importance of enabling the Arab League to be the basis for dealing with Arab crises.

He pointed out that the United States is the most powerful and active at the moment as the world is expected to witness a change in the way the international dossier is managed.

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